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Publications de TSOPRA Rosy
Publications de type "Article indexé"
1. Streit S, Verschoor M, Rodondi N, Bonfim D, Burman RA, Collins C, Biljana GK, Gintere S, Gómez Bravo R, Hoffmann K et al. "Variation in GP decisions on antihypertensive treatment in oldest-old and frail individuals across 29 countries." BMC geriatrics 2017 17:93
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4. Tsopra R, Jais JP, Venot A, Duclos C "Comparison of two kinds of interface, based on guided navigation or usability principles, for improving the adoption of computerized decision support systems: application to the prescription of antibiotics." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA 2014 21:e107-16
5. Tsopra R, Venot A, Duclos C "Towards evidence-based CDSSs implementing the medical reasoning contained in CPGs: application to antibiotic prescription." Studies in health technology and informatics 2014 205:13-7
6. Tsopra R, Venot A, Duclos C "An Algorithm Using Twelve Properties of Antibiotics to Find the Recommended Antibiotics, as in CPGs." AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium 2014 2014:1115-24
7. Lamy JB, Tsopra R, Venot A, Duclos C "A semi-automatic semantic method for mapping SNOMED CT concepts to VCM Icons." Studies in health technology and informatics 2013 192:42-6
8. Tsopra R, Lamy JB, Venot A, Duclos C "Design of an original interface that facilitates the use of clinical practice guidelines of infection by physicians in primary care." Studies in health technology and informatics 2012 180:93-7
Publication de type "Communication dans un congrès"
9. Lamy JB, Tsopra R "Translating visually the reasoning of a perceptron: the weighted rainbow boxes technique and an application in antibiotherapy" - Information Visualization (iV) Londres
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