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Publications de MENETON Pierre
Publications de type "Article indexé dans PubMed ou WOS en informatique ou informatique médicale"
1. Agher D, Fouque M, Brandi M, Sedki K, Tsopra R, Meneton P, Despres S, Jaulent MC "Decision Support System for Selection of e-Health Interventions." Studies in health technology and informatics 2020 272:326-329
2. Meneton P, Ricordeau P, Weill A, Tuppin P, Samson S, Allemand H, Durieux P, Ménard J "Evaluation of the agreement between guidelines and initial antihypertensive drug treatment using a national health care reimbursement database." Journal of evaluation in clinical practice 2012 18:623-9
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7. Warth R, Barrière H, Meneton P, Bloch M, Thomas J, Tauc M, Heitzmann D, Romeo E, Verrey F, Mengual R et al. "Proximal renal tubular acidosis in TASK2 K+ channel-deficient mice reveals a mechanism for stabilizing bicarbonate transport." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2004 101:8215-20
Publications de type "Article indexé dans PubMed ou WOS en Santé Publique et autres disciplines scientifiques"
8. Meneton P, Lemogne C, Herquelot E, Bonenfant S, Czernichow S, Ménard J, Goldberg M, Zins M "Obesity, sleep complaints and depression are the cardiovascular risk factors primarily predicted by poor working conditions in the GAZEL cohort." American journal of epidemiology 2017
9. Lemogne C, Meneton P, Wiernik E, Quesnot A, Consoli SM, Ducimetière P, Nabi H, Empana JP, Hoertel N, Limosin F et al. "When Blue-Collars Feel Blue: Depression and Low Occupational Grade as Synergistic Predictors of Incident Cardiac Events in Middle-Aged Working Individuals." Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes 2017 10
10. Ehret GB, Ferreira T, Chasman DI, Jackson AU, Schmidt EM, Johnson T, Thorleifsson G, Luan J, Donnelly LA, Kanoni S et al. "The genetics of blood pressure regulation and its target organs from association studies in 342,415 individuals." Nature genetics 2016 48:1171-1184
11. Meneton P, Lemogne C, Herquelot E, Bonenfant S, Larson MG, Vasan RS, Ménard J, Goldberg M, Zins M "A Global View of the Relationships between the Main Behavioural and Clinical Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the GAZEL Prospective Cohort." PloS one 2016 11:e0162386
12. Meneton P, Kesse-Guyot E, Méjean C, Fezeu L, Galan P, Hercberg S, Ménard J "Unemployment is associated with high cardiovascular event rate and increased all-cause mortality in middle-aged socially privileged individuals." International archives of occupational and environmental health 2015 88:707-16
13. Lieb W, Chen MH, Teumer A, de Boer RA, Lin H, Fox ER, Musani SK, Wilson JG, Wang TJ, Völzke H et al. "Genome-wide meta-analyses of plasma renin activity and concentration reveal association with the kininogen 1 and prekallikrein genes." Circulation. Cardiovascular genetics 2015 8:131-40
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15. Meneton P, Kesse-Guyot E, Fezeu L, Galan P, Hercberg S, Ménard J "Distinctive unhealthy eating pattern in free-living middle-aged hypertensives when compared with dyslipidemic or overweight patients." Journal of hypertension 2013 31:1554-63
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17. Meneton P, Lanoe JL, Ménard J "Health insurance coverage is the single most prominent socioeconomic factor associated with cardiovascular drug delivery in the French population." Journal of hypertension 2012 30:617-23
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